Docteur Gary Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, London
Mini Abdominoplasty ( mini tummy tuck)

The goal of this operation is to give you a flat stomach,sometimes,after pregnancies.
When the skin excess is limited ,and does not require to remove a large  triangle of skin and fat ( like in a full tummy tuck,it is recommanded to have just a strip of skin removed a bove the pubic area.This can be combined or not with a displacement of your navel downward, with or without a tightening of your abdominal muscles and with or without a liposuction (upper abdomen and /or flanks)

The surgery is performed under general anesthetic or sedation , takes about 1 hour :the incision is located in the bikini line.The stitches need to be removed or trimmed after 2 weeks

It is recommanded to stay 1 night in and then to wear a support garment for 3 weeks.
You can go back to work after 2 to3 weeks and back to the gym after 6 weeks

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