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Implants vs. Fat transfer

The prefered method for performing buttock augmentation is using a silicon gel implant ,but some patients would like to use their excess fat ,not only to reshape their body, but also to augment the size of their buttock.

So, in this case, fat injection achieves a very natural result,has a lower risk of infection, and also contours the areas around the buttocks to enhance the overall effect.However, implants may be recommended for patients who have very little body fat to harvest, such as body builders and naturally thin patients.

Buttock augmentation with silicon implants

Buttock implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit each patient’s body type and desired goal.They are made of silicone , which provides a firm,smooth and natural feel.They are placed away from important nerves as well as the bony area, on which you sit.The upper and outer regions of the butt become rounder and firmer , once the implants are in place.The procedure takes about one and a half hour, and is performed under general anesthesia.

Buttock augmentation by injection of hyaluronic acid fillers

Apart from surgery, buttock augmentation can be obtained by injection of a specific Hyaluronic acid (Hyacorp)

Life expectancy of the gel is roughly 12 months

The procedure is performed either under local anesthetic only, or, for larger volumes injected, under sedation.

Through tiny incisions ( 2 or 3), the gel is injected inbetween gluteal skin and muscle; the goal is to get either more projection, or an hour glass shape or both.

Resuming normal activity is just 24 hours

This technique is indicated for patients who don’t want buttock implants or don’t have sufficient fat for a brazilian butt lift

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