Docteur Gary Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, London
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  buttocks reshaping

  round implants

  ovale shape implant

  Fat transfer

  Secondary reconstructive buttock surgery

  Brazilian butt lift


  Body / Pectoral implants

  Body / Abdominoplasty

  Body / Breast augmentation

  Body / Breast uplift

  Body / Breast reduction

  Body / Calf implant

  Body / Liposuction

  Body / armlift


  Face / Blepharoplasty

  Face / Brow lift

  Face / Chin reshaping

  Face / Croton oil peel

  Face / Face lift-Neck lift

  Face / Injection of botox

  Face / Hair transplants

  Face / rhinoplasty

  Face / otoplasty

  Non surgical treatment

  Non surgical treatment / Croton oil peel

  Non surgical treatment / non surgical face sculpturing



  Penoplasty / Penoplasty length

  Penoplasty / Penoplasty girth

  Penoplasty / Penoplasty length and girth

Doctor Gary F Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, buttocks reshaping, face, body, non surgical treatment, London.
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