Docteur Gary Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, London

Face lift-Neck lift
- Full face lift

- S lift
- Temporal lift
- Brow lift
- Midface lift

Eyelid surgery
- Upper
blepharoplasty (ptosis correction, ageing process treatment, westernizing  eyelids surgery)
- Lower blepharoplasty (standard procedure  with skin removal,or transconjonctival blepharoplasty with no skin remova/, dark circles(tear trough) correction )

Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Tip rhinoplasty
- Full rhinoplasty
- Ethnic rhinoplasty
- Reconstruction of the nose

Otoplasty (ear reshaping)

Other procedures on the face
- Cheek bone / chin augmentation (implants, fillers)
- Fat transfer to the face
- Liposuction to neck (standard, ultrasonic liposuction)
- Scar revisions

Hair transplants
- Man

- Woman

Chemical peel
- TCA croton oil peel
Doctor Gary F Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, buttocks reshaping, face, body, non surgical treatment,
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Dr Gary Horn
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