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Hair transplants /correction of baldness

The goal of this operation is to   restore your hair , either by performing hair transplants or by alopecia reduction .

This operation can be performed under sedation or general anesthetic.

A hair strip is taken from the back of your head , and cut into hundreds of hair grafts containing one or two hairs.The donor zone is stitched up and the hair grafts are inserted into tiny skin punctures performed on the bald area ;this procedure takes between 3 to 5 hours

It is sometimes necessary to have several sessions of hair transplants to give you the right density of hair

The alternative of hair grafts , on the top of the head is the alopecia reduction, where a strip of bald skin is excised, and the hairy edges are brought together (sometimes, with the use of an elastic spring ,called skin extender).This procedure takes one hour

You need one week off, and can come back to the gym after 3 weeks

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