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Face lift-Neck lift

The goal of this operation is to tighten the tissues of your face/neck,in order to make you look younger  .

The surgery is performed under general anesthetic or sedation , takes about 2-3 hours :the incisions  are located in the hair line and inside the ear, and are barely visible .

The skin , but also the muscles underneath are then  lifted in a upward and backward direction.Some inside stitches are placed on the muscles,and the fat tissue is either repositionned or suctionned out.

Depending on the type of faces, this procedure can affect  he neck, the jawline, the cheeks, the midface ,the temples or the brow

This treatment can be combined with a surgery of the eyelids , with a lipostructure of the face (fat injections) or resurfacing treatment around the eyes or the mouth.

It is recommanded to stay  1-2 nights in and then to wear a support bandage around the neck for 2 weeks.

You can go back to work after 3 weeks and back to the gym after 6 weeks


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