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Arm lift

If you are concerned about your saggy arms and  you cannot improve them with a regular sport activity and a healthy diet , armlift is the operation you need
Performed under sedation or general anesthesia, the fat tissue is first emulsified by injecting a large quantity of saline mixed with local anesthetic. Then, through tiny incisions , a thin instrument is introduced under your skin
and connected to a vacuum system
All the fat of the different areas is suctioned out.When it is all finished, the wounds are closed with a stitch
Then, comes the second stage of the operation: through a scar concealed along the biceps line, the skin excess of your arm is removed.
You keep the stitches for 2-3 weeks and just rest during this period of time

The results are mostly visible after 1  month, due to the swelling
Time off work is 2-3 weeks and you can get back to the gym within the next 6 weeks

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