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Mommy Make-Over

Long to regain your pre-pregnancy body ,fed up with post baby jelly-bellies 
,dropped breasts ,or just extra weight you just cannot get rid of.
If you want to regain  your self confidence, and  feel good enough to wear your bikini again,it is time to think of having Mummy make over . 
This surgery  is becoming more and more popular 
Here are some procedures that can help you achieve the results you want:

1. "Tummy Tucks"  :
This is the procedure to get rid of stretched skin , baggy tummy and repair abdominal muscle divarication and ugly C- section scars.
The options are: a Full Tummy Tuck(when the whole area needs to be corrected or, a Mini Tummy Tuck (this has a much smaller and more discreet scar .)
2. "Breast Surgery"
This is the procedure to have  your pre-pregnancy breasts back, and to say goodbye to dropped and deflated breasts.
The options are: Breast Up-Lift (Mastopexy) with or with implants, or just , Breast Augmentation.
This is the procedure to regain your pre-baby silhouette.and to  refine and sculpt your body shape.
All areas can be treated : Tummy - upper and lower. Waist area. Hips and Thighs - inner and outer. Upper arms etc...

We also suggest  exercise that can help, especially at this time, and diet and supplements to help with hair loss, weight  and skin conditions that can occur post baby. 
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