Docteur Gary Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, London
Bride surgery

Looking at your best on the day you are getting married is definetly on top of your priority list.

If you want to have no hesitation when you will be photograhed on that unique day, here  is how we can help you:
-Body plastic surgery:

There are 2 simple operations to have the perfect body : breast augmentation and /or liposuction (hips, stomach, outer thighs)

-Face plastic surgery:

If you still have time before your wedding day, and you are not happy with your profile, you can have a rhinoplasty
If you don't have time (because of time of recovery) but want to look fresh , you can have non surgical cosmetic treatment  (injections of fillers to the naso labial lines, botox injections to forehead lines,non surgical rhinoplasty by injection of fillers and botox to the nose; lip augmentation..)
Doctor Gary F Horn
Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, buttocks reshaping, face, body, non surgical treatment,
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