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Non surgical treatment

Non surgical treatment of the face has become more and more popular, in the past 10 years, especially in patients under 45 years old.
The success of these techniques comes from the fact that these injections are safe , non painful and reversible

Their effects are visible within a week and can last for more than a year (hyalouronic acid)

Ten years ago, there was only one type of botox, and maybe ,3 different fillers.

Today, not only ,there are different kinds of fillers ,but also, there are different strengths of fillers:with this new generation of products, your surgeon can sculpt any type of face, fill all the lines, give you more projection on your cheek bones and chin, fill up empty cheeks, and correct early signs of ageing (jowls), without any surgery

For a lot of patients who wish to delay having face surgery, non surgical cosmetic treatment is a very good option 
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