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Non surgical face sculpturing

If you are not happy with the look of your  face , but you think that you re too young to have surgery, then , nonsurgical face sculpturing is a good alternative

There are different options, according to the different problems you can have.

Generally, using a combination of Botox ( for the dynamic lines ) and fillers ( for the permanent lines), you can get improve most of the lines of the face

When your face started to sag or if there is a lack of projection of your cheek bones or your chin, then using Radiesse injections can lift your face , fill some hollow cheeks , restore your jawline or give more definition to your face by enhancing your cheekbones and /or chin upper eyelids .

All these injections can also be useful to improve the shape of your nose (improvement of the bridgeline, correction of dropping tip and more)

All these injections are performed in the office , with or without local anesthetic and you can go bak to your activities on the same day

  • non surgical face sculpturing
  • non surgical face sculpturing

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